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Dealing With A Natural Disaster

After a natural disaster has occurred it is very important to try and retrieve your homeowners insurance policy and carefully look through it. Assess your property as soon as possible and check for water damage or possible leakages in the walls or in the roof. Take photos if possible and collect “before” photos if you have them. You can also document the damage by using a video camera. This will help for when dealing with your homeowners insurance.

Call HTX Custom Builders

Prepare for battle by picking up your phone and calling our claims experts at HTX Custom Builders. We can guide you through the process and properly inspect your structure. In the case of a natural disaster it is important to act quickly to prevent further damage to your structure.


  • Locate your homeowners insurance policy
  • Check what is covered
  • Find before photos of your property
  • Assess your property after a disaster
  • Call HTX Custom Builders