Custom Pergolas
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Get More From Your Backyard With
A New Pergola

A pergola is a great way to add ambiance and instant comfort to your home and if your backyard looks bare and empty, a patio pergola can make it the center of your outdoor entertainment while also serving as an extension to your home. If you have a garden or a beautiful display of shrubbery, a patio pergola is the ideal way to enjoy your outdoor living space.

Add beauty and personal well being while increasing the overall value of your home with an aluminium, vinyl or a classic wood pergola. You can also choose to have your new pergola attached to your home or stand alone with a variety of options and material choices. At HTX Custom Builders, we have knowledgeable and friendly outdoor living experts that can put together a project plan that fulfils your needs.

Custom Patio Pergola Design

Pergolas date back to 15th century Italy and were typically made of stone pillars with open wood lattice work and often were covered with woody grape vines. While traditional pergolas were mainly used for beauty and comfort, the current designs place more emphasis on providing protection from the harsh elements of nature. The modern pergola is often made of timber, cedar or even redwood due to its affordability. A variety of designs can be created depending on your backyard. Our design experts can help you decide on which materials would be best along with tips on choosing a maintenance free layout.

Get A Variety of Enhancements

Enhance your new pergola with built in lighting, fans and privacy features such as window pane panels and privacy walls. Add a custom fireplace or a stone BBQ pit to truly get the most out of your outdoor living space. Watch the game in comfort with friends and family while enjoying the cool breeze in an open and natural atmosphere. Get a free quote today by visiting the contact us page. You will be immediately assigned to one of our design experts closest to you. Choose HTX Custom Builders and get it done right the first time.

HTX Custom Builders

Superior craftsmanship, quality materials and a properly laid out plan are all essential to a good pergola design. At HTX Custom builders, we handle all the ins and outs of preparing your outdoor living space for its initial construction. We work within your HOA restrictions and gather the necessary permits so you don’t have to. Feel free to ask one of our experts today on what type of pergola works best for your outdoor living space. We can detail the differences in material and structure design to give you peace of mind before making your investment.