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HTX Custom Builders is expert roofing in the greater Houston area. Its our bread and butter and we pride ourselves in being the best in quality and design. With over a decade of experience, we strive to create the best solution for your roofing needs. Let our friendly experts assess your home for possible roof damage due to a leaky roof, hail, wind, and other natural occurrences. We work with your insurance adjusters to insure you get the most out of your claim. Visit our insurance claims page for more information.

We Do Roofing Right
We carry out roof repair and replacement work for commercial and residential projects in and around the Greater Houston area. We specialize in insurance claims and assist customers in getting the most out of their claim. We provide an honest estimate built around the customers needs and wants while ensuring quality craftsmanship. Let one of our experts survey your roof today.

Common Roof Problems in Houston

In our line of work, we get to see it all. From complete water damaged roofs to billowing that occurs over time from lack of maintenance. We have put together a list of common problems with roofs in the Houston Area.

Weather Damage

In the summer, the Houston climate can produce flash hail storms that can cause substantial damage to shingles that can leave dimples weakening them further. In most cases home insurance policies that cover hail damage will replace the entire roof.

Although we don’t get much snow in Houston, icy conditions can cause damage to gutters in the form of rot. Always inspect the outside of your roof after an icing and if you see any questionable areas call our building experts immediately.

Ponding Water

A badly designed roof or excess damage due to lack of proper maintenance can cause major damage to a roof. Before making your decision of contracting a roofer, it is best practice to find the source of the damage. Ponding water is often defined as water that will not drain/dissipate from the roof surface within 48 hours after precipitation.

What can ponding water do to your roof? Lets put it this way, Water weighs about 5 lbs. per square inch of roof surface. This will cause unnecessary stress on your structure and can lead to other known roof problems. Improper Installation or Repair - It is unfortunate but not uncommon to see roof damage due to a poorly built roof. It is always recommended to use only a licensed professional to inspect and carry out major property investments to your home. At HTX Custom Builders, we do not cut corners. We use quality building materials to get the job done right the first time.

Aging and Weathering

Your roof is exposed to the elements at all times, and in Houston, our weather can go from one extreme to another. Intense heat dries out the roofing paper and it is pounded by rain and high winds from both summer and winter storms.


A lot of the ongoing problems that may occur with a roof is purely poor maintenance. It is best to inspect your roof often in order to spot any damage in its early stage so repairs can be done immediately. Contact us today for more information.

Soffit & Fascia Damage

The "soffit" is the wood or metal panel on the underside of the roof's overhang. The "fascia" is the board that runs behind your gutters. Both of these are at risk of water damage over time and can cause animals such as squirrels to expose the material.